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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Keep Fighting the Stress Myth

I've said it before, but it's worth saying again. No woman going through infertility wants to hear the words, "just relax".

There are a lot of myths about infertility - this page of fertility myths on Ovusoft is one I love - it discusses the most common ones. As part of my quest for the truth, I've searched high & low for research on the effect of stress on infertility and have yet to find an article that claims to have found a direct connection between the two.

An article recently published here (ic Wales) discusses stress and infertility. The first few paragraphs seem to imply that stress is linked to infertility. It's only once you grit your teeth and get past that, that the article mentions that "it may not be the stress directly...". Another researcher who didn't actually find a link...

I've got one question (OK, two) - If stress were really an important factor in fertility, like something that changed your body's chemistry so that an embryo couldn't implant, how would so many IVF babies be born? What could be more stressful than that?

Linda Johnson
Your Infertility


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