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Friday, July 21, 2006

Choosing Your Childbirth Education

Choosing your childbirth education is perhaps the most important decision you will make after choosing your midwife or doctor and the place of birth. Your childbirth education will almost certainly be your primary source of information on how to cope with labor. She can -- and should -- help you have a healthy pregnancy and complication-free labor, make informed choices about your care, have a smooth transition into parenthood, and breastfeed successfully. Childbirth education can also guide you to other resources such as books and Web sites and can refer you to childbirth-related services, as, for example, labor support providers, postpartum home help or lactation consultants.
What should you look for in childbirth education classes?

Independent educator: Most commonly, childbirth education classes are taught through hospitals, but hospital or clinic-based classes have a strong potential drawback: conflict of interest. It is in the hospital’s and obstetric staff’s interests to have patients who will comply with policies and not make waves by questioning or refusing them.

Certified educator: Certification by a national organization doesn’t guarantee excellence, but it does ensure that the educator has had special training and has met some set of criteria for knowledge and skills.
Sufficient time to cover the topics: Fewer classes in the series and fewer hours per class both increases profits and meets the approval of busy, tired, expectant couples. However, it takes time to learn new skills, get questions answered, and explore issues.

Small classes: Childbirth classes should be interactive. You want classes that are big enough for a good group process yet small enough for you to get individual attention and assistance and where you won’t feel shy speaking on intimate or sensitive topics.

With acknowledgements to Henci Goer


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